Prior Summary

Throughout Alaska, agencies are recognizing the important role search and rescue dogs play in locating lost or missing people. ASARD was formed in 1987. The three tables below illustrate the mission activity of ASARD dog teams over the last eight (8) years.

Total Missions

Since 1996, ASARD teams have responded to 206 search and rescue missions across Alaska. In other words, on average, ASARD teams are called upon every two weeks to help locate lost or missing individuals! That’s about 25 searches a year.


Types of Missions

Avalanche and wilderness searches have accounted for 64% of ASARD’s missions. Moreover, the need for cadaver and urban searches has increased, such that they made up 22% of our missions. As part of successful inter-agency responses into the backcountry, ASARD dogs contribute to the recovery of many lost or missing individuals.


Missions by Region

ASARD teams travel across the state at the request of municipal, state, and federal agencies. 73% percent of requests come from Alaska State Troopers and Alaska State Parks. Since 2000, ASARD teams have traveled over 20,000 miles and have spent over 1750 hours assisting agencies on search and rescue missions.