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Please note we are a Search & Rescue organization. If you have a dog that needs assistance, please contact your local veteaniary or adoption center.

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Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs
200 West 34th Ave., Suite 655
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


The State Department of Public Safety- Trooper Division (Alaska State Troopers) has been given primary responsibility for the search and rescue function in Alaska.

Any emergency around the state, which may involve a search and rescue response, should be reported to the nearest Trooper Detachment, Village Public Safety office or to Trooper Headquarters in Anchorage, 907-269-5711 (24 Hour Dispatch). All in state requests for search dog teams must originate with or have official mission approval from the Alaska State Troopers or Anchorage Police Department.

If your need is a true emergency please call 911 for immediate assistance.