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BYLAWS SECTION 300: Mission-Ready Standards

There are numerous skills that are necessary for the search dog and handler team to have in order to perform competently in a given search discipline. ASARD search disciplines include wilderness, avalanche, cadaver, urban disaster, and tracking/trailing. A foundation skills checklist and the mission-ready evaluation series are used to determine if these skills are in place for a given team.

The following is a guide to help ASARD teams reach “mission-ready” or “operational” status within ASARD. It outlines how teams will be evaluated for mission readiness and the criteria used in assessing a team’s qualifications and skills. It is intended to help evaluators in conducting fair, valid and reliable evaluation series and to help teams as they prepare for mission readiness.

SECTION 300 Mission-Ready Standards:

Adopted: April 1987
Revised: November 2006
Last Revision: November 2009

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